Something new to excite my crochet soul?


The first image of pixel crochet that I came across and really inspired me to look further into this type of project Cupcake Pixel Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me

In an effort to breath new life into my crafty self, I took to the Internet to see what could possibly be out there to inspire me.  I’ve always been a blanket lover, in that I appreciate a beautiful handmade blanket. When I dusted off my Ravelry queue, there were so many blankets that I haven’t even had the chance to think about making.  If one of them had inspired me enough to pick up my needles or hook, I probably wouldn’t have been searching online in the first place.  No, I need something new and different.

That said, I must sadly admit that I haven’t actually finished many blankets.  My love of knitting and crochet has always been more wrapped up in the actual process instead of the finished project.  Maybe it is time I change.  I mean, I have certainly finished the occasional baby blanket, but never a full sized project.  I keep telling myself that now is the time to turn over a new leaf in that regard, but the honest truth is that I don’t know if that will actually happen.  So in an effort to regain my mojo, if you will, I will simply just start and continue as I (hopefully) mean to go.  And if that gets me to a finished project, even better  And if I just happen to start a project, but it never gets finished, so be it as well.

My newest realization is that I am entirely too hard on myself in many regards.  Either I’m not living up to my own usually unrealistic expectations of myself or I’m just overwhelmed by the tasks I have outlined for myself.  This may very well be one of those occasions.

So, what piqued my interest as I browsed through pictures online?  Pixel crochet!  I was intrigued by how just blocks of single colors could be used to create a whole, overall picture.  All of the pixel crochet projects I came across were either of video game related elements (think Mario Brothers for Nintendo and the like), cute cartoon characters, or some object or food.  While I particularly really liked a few of these designs, nothing quite sang to me and demanded that I make it.


Here is an example of the graph grid style for pixel crochet from Geek with a Hook. How cool is this?

So I started looking through websites about pixel crochet that explained how it was a design in a grid.  What else is a design in a grid, but cross stitch!

I have my answer – I simply need to find a pattern for cross stitch that I love and will hopefully not be overwhelming.  I will say that I am drawn to a more modern, geometric pattern so that is what I will be looking for!  Wish me luck!


Pixalated No. 1 Absolutely love the geometric style of this pattern layout. Definitely the direction I want to head in for my project.

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